Planning Board


The Planning Board is responsible for the orderly growth and development of the town. To this end the planning board is guided and limited by Marlow's Land Use Regulations, Ordinances, and Procedures, related policies, and relevant state statutes.

The Planning Board must approve all land use changes and/or configurations. All proposed subdivisions or lot line adjustments must come before the Planning Board in order to obtain final approval. All commercial ventures of any scope beyond home occupations must be proposed to and reviewed by the Planning Board to determine location compliance, nature, suitability, and impact. The Planning Board is charged with conducting site plan review of all proposed commercial endeavors and may require any changes, modifications, or conditions as the board finds necessary for safety and in the town's interest and tranquility.

The Planning Board is responsible for developing, approving, and periodically updating the town's Master Plan which is the blueprint document for the town's future growth. The Planning Board may propose and must consider all amendments and changes to the town's planning and zoning ordinances and building regulations before presenting them to town meeting if determined worthwhile and to the town's long term benefit.

The Planning Board is authorized and required to hold public hearings and receive testimony in all matters before it in which the board recognizes possible impact.

The Marlow Planning Board is comprised of seven volunteer members of the community who serve at the pleasure of the selectmen. The Board charges no fee for its services beyond expenses incurred and for individual effort. Business is conducted in a relaxed, positive, non-confrontational, user friendly atmosphere with a primary goal to be constructive, helpful, and to accommodate if at all possible.